Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

The best decision you can make

Pre-operative physiotherapy rehab and education refers to both physical and educational intervention that is delivered before surgery by one of our physiotherapists. Undertaking this can be one of the best decisions you can make before undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

The aim of pre-op physiotherapy is to improve your surgery knowledge and expectations, develop healthy behaviours and movements; and ultimately may reduce your post-operative recovery time.

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Benefits of Pre-Op Physiotherapy

Normalise altered movement patterns associated with prolonged injury
Prepare your mind for what to expect after surgery
Set practical tasks and SMART goals to return to post surgery
Initiate a tailored home-based exercise program to start day 1 post-surgery
Access to on going support with your physiotherapist
The ability to reduce post-operative length of stay and long-term rehab cost

How This Can Be Achieved

This can be achieved by completing a one on one educational session with one of our physiotherapists.

You will be led through the surgical procedure, associated benefits and potential risks. Finally, after having your questions answered, you will be prescribed a tailored exercise program to ready your body for surgery.

At Australian Sports Physiotherapy, our experienced physiotherapists will liase with your surgeon and GP every step of the way; assisting you also with your post-operative rehab.