Australian sports physiotherapy

Experts in the Diagnosis, Management and Rehabilitation of your musculoskeletal injuries

Who we are?

We are a well-established community healthcare group of Australian trained Physiotherapists with over 30 years shared experience.

Australian Sports Physiotherapy
Our Process

We are committed to your wellbeing, and strive to go ‘one step further’ to help you maintain optimal movement.

Pain relief

It's good to feel good


Our Physiotherapists utilise a hands-on approach to treatment. They take advantage of a variety of manual skills and best evidence-based treatments to not only ease your discomfort, but start the early process of recovery and return to function.

Return to function

Early movement is key.

Our Physiotherapists are experienced across a variety of ages and activities; and will utilise a progressive exercise-based approach to achieve early movement, and strive to return you to pre injury tasks and function.

Injury prevention

Prevention is better than cure.

Our physiotherapists will take ‘one step further’ to discuss a long-term plan to avoid re-injury. This may include a new or modified exercise program, home or gym-based exercise programs and slight modifications to work and leisure activities. We understand however, that flare ups do occur, and we will always be here to help.
Our Services

Fast, responsive and focused on your health.

Our Vision

One single step.

    A single step forward in the right direction can make all the difference in enhancing your well-being.

One step further.

    This is why our Physiotherapists prioritise your health; and will go one step further to tailor an individual treatment plan to your needs.