The Treatment & Management of Aches & Pains

Australian Sports Physio is an innovative physiotherapy clinic in the heart of Coburg. We specialise in providing thorough assessments, treatment and management of bodily aches and pains stemming from muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Depending on your exact concerns, we offer a variety of treatments including the Pilate’s reformer based rehabilitation program to help patients build strength or more complex programs to assist with Lumbar Spine problems and Hip Pathology. No matter how big or small the injury, we have the expertise to handle a diverse range of pain conditions.

Patient education is an important part of what we do. Our goal is to help you understand the reason why certain injuries occur and how to best manage your pain moving forward. As physiotherapists, we’re here to deliver high quality rehabilitation strategies to improve your everyday life.

Are You Dealing With Shoulder or Elbow Pain?

At our physio studio in Coburg, we often deal with common shoulder and elbow injuries, particularly amongst the younger population. Whether sporting, recreational or occupational, these types of injuries are likely caused by some type of physical trauma.

As we age, natural wear and tear occurs in both these joints that may unfortunately be exacerbated by previous injuries. At Australian Sports Physio, our experienced physiotherapists specialise in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of all your shoulder and elbow injuries. We also deliver advanced patient education, manual mobilisation; and soft-tissue work, dry needling and exercise prescriptions.

Let Our Team of Experts Restore Your Knee Health

Awkward twists, excessive force or sudden movements can result in painful knee injuries that can last for years. The knee joint is a hinge joint between your thigh-bone and shin bones; and are held together by tough bands call ligaments. The joint is enclosed in a fluid filled capsule and controlled by the many muscles surrounding the knee. Australian Sports Physiotherapy can assist with all your knee rehabilitation needs effectively.

Our physiotherapy services in Coburg are unparalleled in the industry. For effective treatment and care of your aches and pains, call Australian Sports Physio on 1300 651 256 and see how we can help improve your physical health.

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