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At Australian Sports Physiotherapy, we take your physical health and wellbeing seriously. Our leading physiotherapy clinic in Northcote specialises in a range of hands on modalities such as musco-skeletal physiotherapy, hip and groin injuries, pre-operative physiotherapy and post-operative rehabilitation. If your physical movement is limited or somewhat restrained due to sporting injuries or other events, our team can help provide immediate solutions to assist in your overall recovery.

Our expertly trained physiotherapists have over 30 years combined experience and are highly regarded within the local community for professionalism, knowledge and results driven treatments. When it comes to your physical health, our goal is to help you maintain optimal movement and function while enjoying life to the fullest.

With our hands on approach, we’re able to treat a range of symptoms that may be causing you mild to significant pain. Whether it’s a niggling knee injury, lower back pain or tennis elbow, our physio team will look after all your musco-skeletal requirements.

Achieving the best results for our clients

Our local sports physio studio in Northcote delivers high quality rehabilitation strategies to help improve your everyday life. With eight different locations across Melbourne, we are well equipped to handle all your physiotherapy needs including education and advice, hands on mobilisation and manipulation, massage and stretching, tailored exercise programs and balance and co-ordination retraining.

As part of the in-depth consultation process, our physiotherapists will ascertain the exact cause of your injury and develop a customised plan to best manage your pain moving forward. Given that patient education is a vital component to what we do, our aim is to ensure we deliver the right rehabilitation strategies that work for your exact needs.

From neck stiffness, referred arm and leg pain to muscular and tendon problems, Australian Sports Physio has got you covered. Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits, restoring your physical health and mobility is our number one priority. Our physiotherapists are passionate about providing the highest quality treatments that help you live without the restriction of pain or injury.

For a confidential assessment, please call our leading physiotherapy clinic in Northcote on 1300 651 256 and find out how we can help.

Located within Northcote Medical Group

Free off-site parking in the surrounding streets.

1300 651 256
03 9489 8666
Online Booking available.
Approximately 8 min walk (650m) from Northcote station