Assessment of Groin Injuries: A Consensus Classification

Procedure Information

September’s 5-minute Groin Injury Assessment Assistant


Weir et al. have now established a consensus to classify groin injuries into the below categories. However please note that there may be other causes for groin pain (neurological, orthopaedic, urological etc).


Assessment of Groin Injuries:

Adductor-Related Groin Pain

  • Adductor tenderness on palpation
  • Pain on resisted adduction

Iliopsoas-Related Groin Pain

  • Iliopsoas tenderness on palpation
  • Pain on resisted hip flexion
  • Pain on stretching the hip flexors

Inguinal-Related Groin Pain

  • Pain and tenderness on
  • sneeze or resistance testing of abdominal muscles

Pubic-Related Groin Pain

  • Local tenderness on palpation of the pubic symphysis and adjacent bone

Hip-Related Groin Pain

  • Hip passive range of motion
  • FABER and FADIR tests

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Weir, A., Brukner, P., Delahunt, E., Ekstrand, J., Griffin, D., Khan, K. M., … & Hölmich, P. (2015). Doha agreement meeting on terminology and definitions in groin pain in athletes. British journal of sports medicine, 49(12), 768-774.

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