Core Muscles and Intra-Abdominal Pressure: A Key to Spinal Health

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The Core’ De-mystified



As opposed to those involved in movement and force generation, core muscles can generate & maintain Intra-abdominal pressure which has been demonstrated to unload the spine during both static and dynamic lifting tasks.



Intra-abdominal pressure is developed by the Diaphragm, Transversus Abdominus & the Pelvic floor as opposed to musculature popularly associated with the word core such as Rectus Abdominus (6 pack muscle).



  • As opposed to exercises targeting Rectus Abdominus such as Sit-ups or Crunches, those that target the core would constitute incrementally progressive loading the limbs whilst the patient generates and maintains intra-abdominal pressure. 
  • Movements becoming more complex, functional and in varied directions with increased resistance would constitute the growing load described.



  • We have found it vital to challenge client’s understanding of core strength
  • We have found that following Pelvic or abdominal surgery such as a Cesarean delivery, following pregnancy or in the presence of a hernia the re-establishment of core muscles is particularly crucial.


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Australian Sports Physiotherapy
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Frank, C., Kobesova, A., & Kolar, P. (2013). Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization & sports rehabilitation. International journal of sports physical therapy, 8(1), 62–73.

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